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basketball nets

There are several different types of nets that can be used for basketball hoops. Some of the netting can only be used inside, while others are best suited for outside.

First, generally the most inexpensive solution is a nylon net.  These nets can be used both indoors and outdoors, but if used outside, they will probably need to be replaced about once every year or two.

The nylon nets come in both traditional and “anti-whip” varieties.  The anti-whip net will hold its form even when the shooter swishes the basketball straight through the basket.

basketball nets

Next, there are a series of higher quality nets that are made out of more durable materials to endure the elements of all the seasons.  Included in this set of nets are traditional chain nets.

Chain basketball nets are metal and have been typically used on basketball goals in neighborhood parks because they do not need to be frequently replaced.  Chain link nets are also more difficult to take off of hoops, so because of this the net discourages theft from public hoops.

Finally, improvements are constantly being developed to make the highest quality nets.  Nets that are constructed with tightly wound aircraft cable are heavy-duty but have been found to be one of the best nets on the market.

The cable is so strong that it has a breaking point of one thousand pounds of pressure.  This type of net and other similar designs have been found to last several times longer than the traditional nets while only being priced fractionally higher than traditional nets.

basketball netsA consumer should consider his or her own personal situation before deciding whether to buy a more expensive, more durable net or accepting the lifespan of a cheaper basketball net.

For example, a high school that has several nets in their gym should probably buy cheaper nets that can be constantly replaced.

On the other hand, if a homeowner just wants to buy a net one time and be guaranteed it will last for several years, a more durable, slightly more expensive net might be the way to go.

A basketball net is a simple item and is often overlooked, but choosing the right net can lead to a positive playing experience for both everyone involved.

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